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FIVE economical packaging
[MP F]

New economical packaging!
Disposable single-use acupuncture needles packed in blister packs of 5 needles.
Copper handle and blade in surgical stainless steel.

With the FIVE Marco Polo needles range you reduce your cost-in-use as you have needles with safety and quality standards of Marco Polo Direct at your disposal.

Needles available in the 6 most used sizes in Europe.
- 5 needles in a blister
- box of 200 blisters of 5 needles = 1,000 needles
- carton of 20,000 needles
Minimum order quantity:
- 1 box of 1,000 needles.

Price breaks according to quantity. For deliveries within Europe (main EC countries) price all to be unterstood all-in!

The Marco Polo Direct needles are sterilised by Gamma irriadiation according to the European Pharmacopoeia standards and W.H.O. recommandations.
This type of sterilization is valid for 5 years and is a reliable process used to sterilize most medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Environmentally friendly sterilization.
For your safety, we don't use silicone oil.

Price : 98.00EUR
Decreasing price per quantity
2+ 65.00EUR
5+ 52.00EUR
10+ 42.50EUR
20+ 38.25EUR
40+ 34.00EUR
60+ 32.50EUR
80+ 31.00EUR
100+ 30.50EUR

  Length (mm)
ø (mm)13253040
Please choose the size:

Quantity : +-
FIVE economical packaging
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Note-book for your appointements
Note-book for your appointements

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A nurse clock
for orders from €150

Pen on a base <br>for orders from €150
Pen on a base
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This pocket calculator for orders of €500 or more

This extensible magnetic pen Orders of €500 or more
This extensible magnetic pen Orders of €500 or more