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Terms and conditions

All these orders are delivered free of charge:

This is a permanent bonus only for shipments to for the following countries of the European Union (continental countries only):
United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Vaticano.

Prices are inclusive of all taxes except the local taxes in the countries of export (incl. DOM TOM French overseas administrative departments and territories). No VAT on Acupuncture Direct Ltd. invoices.

In relation to any order, for stocks, for delivery outside the United Kingdom, Acupuncture Direct Limited is acting strictly as an agent on behalf of the above local company concerned (please refer to the map at the left side).

In the event of problem of transport

The recipient, i.e. you, must:

1. Open the parcel and check the contents in the presence of the deliveryman.
Whatever the practical difficulties, this is essential if the recipient wants to preserve a recourse in the event of damage.

2. Make precise reserves.
In the event of anomalies (damaged or missing products,… etc) the recipient must register reserves on the document of delivery.
The reserves must be precise and describe the noted lacks or damage.
If the recipient does not express reserves, it is supposed to have received goods in their unaltered state of conformity.

3. Address a registered mail.
You must send, according to the rules in force in the country of reception a registered mail recommended to the conveyor to confirm the damage.

Then please warn the salesman and send to him copy of the document of reception and of the registered letter addressed to the conveyor.

This Key ring <br>for any order
This Key ring
for any order

Note-book for your appointements
Note-book for your appointements

A letter-opener for any order
A letter-opener for any order

This desk pad<br> for orders from €150
This desk pad
for orders from €150

Hand pressing light for orders from €150
Hand pressing light for orders from €150

Alcohol pad<br> for orders from €150
Alcohol pad
for orders from €150

This umbrella<br> for orders of €500 or more
This umbrella
for orders of €500 or more

This extensible magnetic pen Orders of €500 or more
This extensible magnetic pen Orders of €500 or more

This pocket calculator for orders of €500 or more
This pocket calculator for orders of €500 or more

Legal Information